I love everything that has to do with lists, goal setting, and self-improvement, which is why I thought I would publicize the books and plays that I have read so far. So here it is! If you like these types of lists, you might also like to check out my list of the best musicals of all time, or my list of theatre TED talks, ranked!

no stars = books I did not enjoy
*    = books I liked/thought were ok
**  = books I enjoyed/really enjoyed
*** = books I loved/would definitely recommend

⭐ = plays/librettos I found to be particularly special

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Books read in 2022:


Books read in 2021:


Books read in 2020:



Plays/Librettos read in 2020:



Books read in 2019:



Plays/Librettos read in 2019:



Books read in 2018:



Plays read in 2018:



Books read in 2017:



Plays read before 2016:



Books read before 2016: