1001 Stagey Things to Do Before Kicking the Bucket

The Thespian’s Bucket List is your interactive guide to 1,001 theatre-related experiences. Whether it’s reading timeless plays, catching must-see musicals, exploring iconic theaters, or discovering delightful surprises, this list guarantees years of theatrical adventure!

Exciting news for 2023 – The book has undergone a complete makeover! Featuring a fresh cover design and numerous updates and enhancements throughout, it’s better than ever.

Here's what's inside:

  • Theatre-related travel spots
  • Fun thespian-related things to try
  • Various forms of theatre to explore
  • Plays to read
  • Must-see musicals
  • Musical movies to watch
  • Theatre-related books to read
  • Theatre-related documentaries/TV shows to watch
  • Plus, some unexpected surprises!

Take a peek:

The Thespian's Bucket List Interior.
The Thespian's Bucket List Interior.
The Thespian's Bucket List Interior.


140 Amazon Ratings!


“Purchased this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it! She was particularly excited to be able to tick a few things off the list and still have so many others to look forward to.” – Amazon Reviewer

“This book has so many things I never ever thought of doing! Definitely a must have for anyone who has a deep love for theatre”. – Amazon Reviewer

“My son loves musical theatre loves this.” – Amazon Reviewer

“I am loving this book! and appreciate having one place to keep track of all the things I’ve done related to theater, but also the lists of plays and other theater experiences I anticipate doing in the future. I will even take this book with me as I travel!!” – Amazon Reviewer

“Got this book for my brother for a nurses week gift, he is an avid theater goer, and he LOVED this book.” – Amazon Reviewer


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