The Cast Album List.

The Cast Album List

Your Personal Tracker

The Cast Album List is a digital checklist designed to help you keep track of all your musical theatre listens! The list will be regularly updated throughout the year as new cast albums are released.

This document is a dynamic and digital resource, accessible through Google Sheets. A Google/Gmail account is required for access, and it is recommended to use a desktop or laptop computer for optimal functionality, including the ability to check off your own boxes.

1300+ Cast Albums

120+ Musical Soundtracks

25+ Podcast Musicals

Take a Peek Inside:

The Cast Album List.


♪  What is a cast album?

A cast album (or cast recording) is a musical recording of a stage musical. The primary intent of a cast album is to document/preserve the songs as they were performed with a certain cast and for a certain show. Sometimes they can be taped live, but usually they are recorded in a studio, just like a regular music album!

♪  Do cast albums also include the dialogue from the musical?

Occasionally, cast albums include dialogue from the musical, but typically, they predominantly feature the musical numbers with occasional snippets of spoken text. However, in the case of sung-through musicals like Falsettos, you’ll experience the entire story through the music.

♪  Where can I listen to the listed cast albums?

The majority of the cast albums listed are accessible on Spotify. However, a few may exclusively be found on platforms like Apple Music or Amazon. Fortunately, in The Cast Album List, you’ll find direct links to each album for convenient listening.

♪  Is it okay to listen to a cast album before seeing the musical?

Absolutely, it’s your choice! Listening to cast albums allows us to connect with past performances that we might not have otherwise witnessed. However, if you eventually attend a live performance, keep an open mind, as it may differ from what you’ve heard on the album.

♪  I haven’t listened to many cast albums yet. Where do I start? 

The choice is yours! You can explore the list alphabetically, pick at random, seek recommendations from a friend, OR you can take a look at my personal list of cast album ratings and begin with my own top picks!

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