The Ultimate List of Winter Date Ideas

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Let’s face it. Cold winter weather often leads to lots of cozy movie nights in, which is sometimes great! But spending an entire winter (and maybe even some of fall) behind a television screen isn’t the best way to improve our minds, bodies, or relationships with others. So, this winter, before you consider watching yet another show on Netflix, go through this list of winter date ideas instead! Whether your relationship is old or new, you are sure to find something that sounds exciting to you both.  

To use this list, I would recommend taking turns when it comes to choosing an activity. For example, on your first date night, let your partner choose something off of the list. And for the next one, you choose. This will level out the playing field and make things fun for both of you. And, if your partner is a bit unsure of the whole idea, letting them pick first is a great way to get them on board.

The following list of winter date ideas is designed to help you learn, grow, enjoy, experience, improve, and basically get more out of the upcoming winter season.

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Your Ultimate List of Winter Date Ideas

  1. Do hot yoga in the comfort of your home. Turn up the heat and turn on that YouTube channel.
  2. Pick out an insanely difficult dessert recipe, and attempt to bake it together.
  3. Have a cleaning/organizing party. Pour a glass of wine and pick an area to tidy up together. And read this for some inspiration!
  4. Volunteer at a retirement home. There are often organizations that focus on making lives better for the elderly. Maybe you can chat, read to, or help celebrate someone’s birthday.
  5. Try the 36-Question Project. These questions are said to help build a stronger connection between any two people who go through them together.
  6. Make homemade eggnog while listening to holiday music.
  7. Find a cozy bar with a fireplace, and reminisce about good times.
  8. Work on learning a new language together. Start with Duolingo since it’s totally free!
  9. Go shopping for presents. This year, don’t put it off until the last minute. Do it now as a sweet and relaxing date idea.
  10. Take turns giving each other massages.
  11. Get a classic cookbook and have regular cooking challenges. Take turns choosing a dish and see who can make a better version of it.
  12. Book a trip for some point in the future. And start planning it!
  13. Study up on palm reading and give it a go on each other.
  14. Learn separate magic tricks online and take turns “wowing” your partner with your skills.
  15. Make a bucket list together. If it’s a newer relationship, make it for the upcoming year. For a serious relationship, make it for the upcoming five years.
  16. Find a new YouTuber to support and follow.
  17. Visit a nearby museum and play tourist in your own town.
  18. Go bowling and try to get better at it.
  19. Go out and order a drink that you would never usually order.
  20. Bundle up and take a long walk through your neighborhood.
  21. Give each other fashion shows. Being in a couple provides a great opportunity for getting advice on which clothing is working for you and which isn’t. Donate the clothes that don’t end up making the cut.
  22. Volunteer at an animal shelter, or donate some needed supplies.
  23. Take some quizzes for couples and see how well you actually know each other.
  24. Make love on a canvas.
  25. Or if that’s a bit too messy for your taste, try your hand at regular painting.
  26. Do a round of Freeletics.
  27. Video chat with a friend or family member who lives far away.
  28. Play a collaborative board game! This is great for improving your team building skills (a couple of our favorites are Pandemic and Hanabi).
  29. Go to a basketball game (or any other indoor sporting event).
  30. Try out new cuddle positions from The Cuddle Sutra.
  31. Or if that’s a bit too mellow, give Tantra a go.
  32. Get informed about the world and watch some Vox videos on YouTube.
  33. Go through a drawing tutorial and improve those fine art skills.
  34. Take some time to figure out what your “Ikigai” is.
  35. Make hot chocolate. Add a shot.
  36. Or, make homemade hot chocolate mix to give out as gifts this holiday season.
  37. Learn the words to an entire Christmas song. You know you’re mumbling through most of them!
  38. Learn a bit of Morse code and have a conversation through the walls.
  39. Plan a snowboarding or ski vacation.
  40. Do a 1000-piece puzzle.
  41. Learn a bit of sign language with this great YouTube channel.
  42. Challenge each other to some Minute to Win It games.
  43. Learn the words to an entire rap song together.
  44. Find a pool hall and challenge each other to a game.
  45. Find a local bar that has darts or other fun bar games.
  46. Spend the day at an arcade.
  47. Go to a club and dance.
  48. Check out a TEDx event in your area.
  49. Give karaoke a go. Rent out a private room to make things even more cute and romantic.
  50. Go shopping for some new winter clothes together.
  51. Check out a local concert.
  52. Discover some new talent at an open mic night.
  53. Stroll through a bookstore and learn something new.
  54. Go to a free trial at a dance studio.
  55. Think of some fun ways to reply to spam mail.
  56. Find out what your “doshas” are and give Ayurveda a try.
  57. Invite friends over for a couples night!
  58. Do some day drinking while prepping your meals for the week.
  59. Check out a local thrift shop and see who can make the most of $10.
  60. Try to be the winning team at a local pub quiz.
  61. Take turns drawing things on each other’s backs and guessing what the pictures are.
  62. Burn some candles and do some coloring.
  63. Challenge each other to a fun and competitive video game.
  64. Create a Video Star music video together.
  65. Prepare a fancy dinner together, and invite your family over to enjoy it with you.
  66. Go to the gym.
  67. See the latest hit movie at the cinema.
  68. Get a couple’s massage.
  69. Check out the local theatre scene.
  70. Share your biggest dreams with each other, and come up with ways in which you can act as a support for one another.

Looks like there is no reason to sit at home and watch yet another rerun of Friends tonight! This list of winter date ideas should get you moving, thinking, doing, and having the time of your life. And if you are still in need of more inspiration, check out this blog post for even more ideas! If you have any ideas you’d like to add, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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11 Comments on “The Ultimate List of Winter Date Ideas”

  1. Very cool stuff here. After 14 years of marriage I am always looking for ways to keep dating my husband.

  2. I love this list! My husband and I are always looking for something to do together and with the weather getting colder we are less inclined to going out anywhere!

    1. Yess! That’s actually what inspired the list in the first place. There has to be more to winter than getting cozy under a blanket. Hope you and your husband have fun with this!

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