Too Busy for a Relationship? Think again.

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This age old expression has been used time and time again. Sometimes it’s used by people who are afraid of committing, and other times by people who actually believe it to be true. And of course, some use this phrase as a simple excuse. Yes, telling someone that you are “too busy for a relationship right now”, is a perfectly easy way out of a situation you may not want to be in. However, if you actually believe you are too busy for a relationship, let me share a few reasons why that may not be true.  

1.  The right match for you will understand that you are busy.

One of the main reasons that people say they are too busy for a relationship is that they actually are extremely busy. Maybe you are a student who has tons of exams and group projects. Maybe you have an extremely high pressure job causing you to be away from home for 12 hours of the day. Regardless of the situation, it’s extremely understandable that you would use this “excuse”. However, chances are high that if you are busy now, you are probably going to be busy in a few months. You may even still be busy 1-2 years from now. And wouldn’t you rather find someone who accepts you who you are, even when you’re busy?

2.  New relationships can act as a stress reliever.

Many people who have had bad experiences with relationships may associate dating with stress. However, dating someone new can actually act as an insanely huge stress relief for your busy life. Think of the nights you can have entwined in someone else’s arms. Or the cuddles you can have while watching a movie after a long day. A new relationship might just make your crazy busy life a bit easier to deal with.

3.  You have just as many hours in the day as the rest of us.

If you have been telling everyone that you are just too busy for a relationship right now, it may be time to re-prioritize your life. We all have the same amount of hours in our days. Take out a blank piece of paper and sketch out what your day looks like, kind like how Casey Neistat does it here. And then sketch out how you would like your ideal day to look. This can be a very helpful reflection exercise.

4.  There’s always room for one more.

Whether you go on a lot of work vacations, or you are always meeting up with your friends, your partner can always come along. If it’s someone you really like, you will want to see them as much as possible anyways. And if the idea of them tagging along scares you, it might not be the right match. That said, it’s also not mandatory that they tag along. Just as mentioned in point #1, the perfect person for you will understand your schedule.

5.  You can share the responsibility.

By having a special someone in your life, your life tasks could possibly diminish, especially when the relationship gets a bit more serious. In a relationship, you can take turns cooking or doing the laundry. You may find that things are now actually way more efficient, in turn causing a life that is way less busy.

So next time you go to explain to someone that you simply don’t have time for this, think for a second. Maybe you can make an exception just this once. You might be surprised at how much extra time you actually do have for someone amazing. And if you’re super busy, you can always make use of my dating app and profile creation services!

Have you ever felt too busy for a relationship?

And if so, what did you do to overcome this? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.

Until next time!

too busy for a relationship

4 Comments on “Too Busy for a Relationship? Think again.”

  1. The one thing I’m still worrying about after reading this post is that I feel it’s important to block out time to spend solely with your partner. Going on dates, or even having a quiet night and watching a movie are important bonding times, and if you aren’t able to make time for those, it might not be fair to the other person who is making a commitment to you. Of course, everyone has especially busy periods at some point, but if you’re overwhelmingly busy for months or years at a time, I worry you won’t be able to make your partner feel like they’re a valued part of your life.

    1. Hi Elizabeth!

      You definitely have a good point. In the case of an *extremely* busy life in which a person isn’t even able to block out a certain amount of time for their partner, you are right. That wouldn’t be fair to them. And in that case, I would direct this person to point #3 above. 😉

      But thanks for bringing this up. There are always a few exceptions to the rule, aren’t there?

  2. I feel like long term relationships allow you to go through seasons of busyness a bit easier… A person you’ve only been dating for a few weeks may not understand how busy your schedule is or understand that it won’t be that busy forever, but someone that’s been around for months or years would have a much clearer understanding of you and your life commitments.

    What are your thoughts on taking breaks in a relationship when you truly don’t have the time to dedicate? Maybe you’re starting a business or going through a lot of other personal issues… I don’t think breaks in the relationship are wise, but would love your thoughts.

    1. You are so right, Jordan. And good question! Although a break in the relationship may sound like the responsible choice when you really don’t have extra time, it’s also something that has the potential to cause irreparable damage. This ‘break’ suggestion sends the message that everything in your life has priority over your partner, which probably won’t feel too good for the person on the receiving end. So I wouldn’t actually advise this. 😉

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