15 Wildly Romantic Things To Do In Barcelona

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My husband and I met in Barcelona, so the city has a very special place in our hearts. And for that reason, I’m choosing to kick off this brand-new blog post series with our favorite city in the world! In the new “Romantic City” series, I will be sharing some of the most romantic things you can do in a variety of locations. These lists are not only designed for couples (old and new), but they are also perfect for the “dating” phase of any relationship. And first I’ll be sharing some of the most romantic things to do in Barcelona!

1. Have popcorn and sangria at L’Ovella Negra

My husband and I actually met at this bar (with the help of Tinder), and it was the best first date ever. So there’s no way I could leave this off the list. Plus, at La Ovella Negra you can go to town on free popcorn as you drink your way through pitchers of sangria.

2. Take a paella class

Your time in Barcelona isn’t quite complete until you’ve learned the secrets of making a great paella. There are all types of classes around the city, but I can personally recommend The Paella Club. The kitchen classroom is beautiful. The chefs are friendly. And you’ll get to enjoy some delicious wines as you cook. Plus, you can even share a cooking station for two during the course, making this the perfect date idea for you and your bae.

3. Watch the Magic Fountain Show

This might be an obvious addition to the list, but it has to be said! Montjuïc’s magic fountain show is one of the most romantic things to do in Barcelona – whether the relationship is old or new. It’s the perfect excuse to get a little closer to each other as you’re mesmerized by the pretty colors. You can check the show times here. If it’s possible, try to go on a Thursday to avoid the weekend crowds.

4. Go up to the Bunkers

So the downside of this idea is that it used to be more of a top secret tip, and it’s now being heavily visited by tourists. That said, you’ll find one of the best views of Barcelona here, which turns even more romantic when the sun is rising or setting.

5. Take a trip up the coast

The train ride up the coast is absolutely beautiful! Choose a destination like Mataró or Sant Pol de Mar and spend the day wandering around or lounging at the beach. It’s the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Plus, the cost of train tickets here are more than reasonable.

6. Visit Parc de la Ciutadella

Whether you go to Parc de la Ciutadella for a grassy picnic or simply to gaze at the fountain, this is undeniably a romantic date spot! See if you can time your visit with some of the free music in the park. Or combine it with a visit to the Barcelona Zoo!

7. Catch a flamenco show

So what if flamenco didn’t originate in Catalonia? There are some great flamenco shows here in the city, so we might as well enjoy them! We recently checked out Tablao Flamenco Cordobes, and the experience was fantastic. The room was romantic and the dancing was incredible. Plus, the show comes with a glass of sangria, which is always bonus points in my book.

8. Have dinner at Flax and Kale

Over the last few months, Flax and Kale has turned into our favorite restaurant in Barcelona. It’s healthy, delicious, and it has a totally romantic atmosphere. For extra romance points, go in the evening when the candles are lit!

9. Ride the Tibidabo Ferris Wheel

Tibidabo itself is already a romantic destination – gorgeous views, cute attractions, and a beautiful church at the top of the hill. But consider kicking your date up a notch by buying two tickets for the Ferris wheel. This will turn your average date into one to remember!

10. Have Tea at Čaj Chai

This sweet little tea shop has such a cozy and intimate vibe, making it perfect for relationships of all stages. This would be an especially sweet place to meet for a first date, especially if you happen to be on a budget.

11. Go shopping at La Maquinista

This open-air mall is home to tons of great shops, and it’s beautifully designed as well. This date idea would be perfect for a weekday (to avoid the crowds), and for a day that isn’t too cold (as you will be outside). Plus, there’s also a bowling alley and cinema here!

12. Dance at the beach

There are lots of clubs to choose from at Barceloneta Beach. But Bestial Beach Club is classy, open-air, and totally romantic! This is a great idea for one of your first dates, but it would be a perfect way to spice up an older relationship as well.

13. Check out Palau de la Música

This gorgeous concert hall is definitely a “must see” in Barcelona. See if you can catch a show here! Alternatively, the Palau de la Música offers guided tours, which would also be a nice and romantic way to explore the interior.

14. Pamper yourselves at Aire de Barcelona

Aire offers a range of ways to spoil yourselves, including massage treatments, yoga, and ancient baths. This option is probably more suited for the serious relationships, and it’s an especially great one to indulge in if life has gotten stressful.

15. Go to the theatre

Barcelona is a city that is rich with theatrical shows and live entertainment. And on top of that, you can actually see a show for a decent price here. Whether you’re into opera, improv, or Spanish musicals, you’ll surely find something that excites you.

This is a list in progress, as we’re always looking to treat ourselves with new romantic activities. And as we find new ones that are worth a mention, we’ll make sure to add them to the list for your own enjoyment.

Know of any other romantic things to do in Barcelona?

Or did you end up trying some of the things on this list? We’d love to hear all about your own ideas of romantic things to do in Barcelona in the comments below! Or if you’re looking for some more general romantic things to do (that can be enjoyed in every city), you can check out my blog post of winter date ideas!

romantic things to do in Barcelona

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