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Online dating is hard enough as it is. That’s why I’m going to help you out by providing some in-depth reviews of the most popular dating sites out there. And today I’ll be doing a comprehensive review of Tinder. But if you are looking for the most simplified version of everything, you can click here for my top dating site recommendations. 


Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps on the market. By allowing users to simply swipe right or left on whoever they are (or are not) interested in, it’s very easy to use. Also, Tinder barely has the bad reputation of being just a hookup app anymore. More and more people are logging on to find serious relationships. And chances are, if someone is single, they are on it.

Payment Structure:  $0 – $15 per month

Tinder’s payment structure is very flexible, especially since it is already perfectly usable with the basic free version. The added upgrades can get you things like super boosts, added privacy, and global access. But you can read all about that within the Tinder app itself. Or, you can check out my DIY profile pack for all of the details on payment structure and how you can use it to your advantage.

Ease of Setting up an Account:  Easy

Since you are not even required to write a bio with Tinder, you can technically choose to upload a few photos and get swiping within minutes. You’ll be walked through the whole process within the app, and it’s totally stress free. That said, I definitely would recommend writing a little bio, even though it’s not required.

Usability:  Easy

The navigation within Tinder is seamless, making it super easy to play around with. Because of this, you shouldn’t face much frustration at all when it comes to the actual usage of the app.

Quality of Profiles:  Medium to High

Since many people do choose to skip the bio completely, the actual quality of profiles wouldn’t rank the highest on my list. That said, the sheer number of users makes up for this, allowing you to quickly swipe past the low-quality profiles.

Number of Members:  Extraordinarily High

Everyone and their mom is on Tinder. It’s used internationally, and is becoming increasingly popular with older demographics as well.

A Few Additional Pros:

For those who are frustrated with the online dating process, Tinder can potentially act as a nice relief. Since the app itself feels more like a game than a serious dating app, it can actually bring a bit more fun into the whole dating aspect of your life.

A Few Cons:

On the other hand, since the app sometimes feels more like a game than a serious dating app, you will undoubtedly run into people who are treating it that way as well. These people might just be on the app for the sole purpose of having fun and playing around. This will happen to you at some point, but at least you can always easily “un-match” them.

Overall Rating (1-10):  9

Tinder is really at the top of their game at this point. It’s free, easy, fun to use, and widely popular. What more could you ask for in a dating app?

Do you agree with this review of Tinder?

Feel free to share your own experiences in the comments below! And if you are feeling stuck when it comes to dating apps, you can always check out my services or this awesome DIY Tinder Profile Pack!

Happy Dating!

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14 Comments on “Online Dating Site Review of Tinder”

  1. My husband says he would use a dating app if he were not married. I think it is really hard to meet people these days. I guess you have to take a chance to find love. Tinder seems like a good place to start if you’re looking for love.

    1. I totally agree! Dating apps are especially useful for guys, since it can be hard to put yourself out there and risk that rejection.

  2. I’m so glad I don’t have to figure out another way to meet people. hahaha. But this would be great for my introverted self if I wasn’t already married.

    1. Haha, I feel you! But you are so right! Tinder provides such a great opportunity for introverts. I love that!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! And that’s my goal. In the end, the positive stories always outweigh the bad!

  3. Tinder was the first dating app that I used and –honestly– it turned me off to online dating in general. As you said, there’s a high number of people on the app and most of them aren’t looking for anything serious — at least the gentlemen that I ran into on the app. On the other hand, there have been plenty of people in my life that have found their serious SOs through the app!

    Thanks for sharing! x


    1. I’m so glad you shared your story! You are definitely not the only person who has ended up with some not so great matches. But you are so right that more and more people are finding serious relationships with the help of Tinder! It just takes a little patience and some weeding out of the bad profiles. 😉

  4. Tinder was supposed to be just a funny and exciting application, and it turned out that I found love of my life there! We’re together 2 years now! 🙂

    1. That’s amazing! I love hearing these stories. I think it’s really helpful to share them with the world and spread the hope. I wish you two all the best! <3

  5. Although I didn’t find my husband on Tinder, we did meet on a dating app and have now have an amazing 6 month old baby boy! It really is a hit or miss.

  6. Do you think a paid tinder profile means your matches are “more serious” since both parties are paying to find a match?

    1. That’s a great question! I wouldn’t necessarily say that your matches are “more serious” with the paid version. Some of the people who pay for Tinder just want more “action”, so it’s hard to say either way. In the end, there are different motivations for everyone who decides to spend a bit on the process. 🙂

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