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Online dating is hard enough as it is. That’s why I’m going to help you out by providing some in-depth reviews of the most popular dating sites out there. And today I’ll be doing a comprehensive review of OkCupid. But if you are looking for the most simplified version of everything, you can click here for my top dating site recommendations.


OkCupid is an American-based online dating site that operates internationally. It is one of the most widely-used dating sites in the US, and is popular in many other countries as well. OkCupid has options for both paying and non-paying members. Paying members have an advantage, but the site is perfectly usable with the free option.

Payment Structure:  Between $0 – $25 per month

The cool thing about OkCupid is that there are unique options for every budget. If you would like to upgrade for more options, you can choose from either A-List Basic or A-List Premium. A-List Basic comes with the most important benefits, like the ability to see which people have liked you, the ability to know if your message has been read, access to more in-depth search filters, and a totally ad-free experience.

An upgrade to A-List Premium comes with the same benefits, along with attractive/popularity boosts and priority messaging (which bumps your message to the top of inboxes).

Ease of Setting up an Account:  Easy

OkCupid’s platform is very easy to navigate, and the whole process of getting started is fairly simple. Filling out the profile itself is a pretty easygoing experience due to the multiple question prompts that you have to choose from. Also, you can start, stop, and continue the process whenever you feel like it, making the whole account setup process a total breeze.

Usability:  Easy – Medium

As I mentioned above, the platform is very seamlessly designed, making it an effortless user experience. The only tricky thing about the platform’s use is the fact that new changes were implemented as of late 2017. Users must now express a mutual interest before being able to see any receiving messages, which is causing some users a lot of stress. However, this change is also helping to reduce unwanted/inappropriate messages, which is causing conflicting reactions to the changes.

Quality of Profiles:  High

Yes, there are always exceptions to this, but in comparison to other dating apps and sites, OkCupid generally has an extremely high quality of profiles. The profiles here are generally more creative, interesting, and thorough than the ones typically found on their online dating counterparts.

Number of Members:  High

Whether or not you should actually use OkCupid is totally dependent on your exact location. However, it’s definitely worth looking into this. I would advise opening up a free account and checking out the amount of people in your area. There is no downside to this. It’s totally free, and you can even delete your account right afterwards if you wish. But in general, OkCupid has an extremely large user base, making it my first or second choice for most clients.

A Few Additional Pros:

This is a very non-creepy platform. Something about it seems to attract really solid, stand-up people. I would recommend it on every level.

A Few Cons:

You are not able to send out messages to anyone you desire. I mean, you can. They just might not be seen. This change can be a bit frustrating for people who really want the freedom to reach out to whomever they fancy.

Also, the whole process of using OkCupid is a bit slower in comparison to using dating apps like Tinder. The vibe of it all is a bit more serious, whereas with Tinder, the vibe is a bit more upbeat and playful.

Overall Rating (1-10):  8

OkCupid is by far one of the best dating sites out there. The only problem is that they seem to be going through a bit of an identity crisis, which is prompting a few changes here and there. Because of this, we could be facing more changes in the future, which makes the site a bit of a wild card. The changes could be amazing, or they could be frustrating. Only time will tell.

Do you agree with this review of OkCupid?

Feel free to share your own experiences in the comments below! And you can check out additional reviews here. Otherwise, if you are in need of a personalized dating site recommendation based on your age and location, feel free to send me a message. And don’t forget to check out my new DIY OkCupid Profile Pack if you’d like to get the best results out of your experience!

Happy Dating!

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6 Comments on “Online Dating Site Review of OkCupid”

  1. It’s been a long time since I was on the dating scene. But, I can think back to my attempts at online dating – I think it’s come a long way. Thanks for this great review – I have a few single friends who I’m going to send your review to. 🙂

    1. Awesome, please do! It can be a frustrating experience to try out the wrong dating site when first getting started. Hopefully it helps them out!

    1. I can totally understand it from that point of view! I actually preferred Tinder as well when I was single (especially since it’s how I met my husband!). A Tinder review post is coming up next!

  2. These are great tips and help for online dating. I love that you rate the sites based on usability and content. Thanks for your thorough reviews.

    1. I’m so glad that they are helpful! I’ll be rolling out a couple more over the next week or two. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them. 🙂

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