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Online dating is hard enough as it is. That’s why I’m going to help you out by providing some in-depth reviews of the most popular dating sites out there. And today I’ll be doing a comprehensive review of Elite Singles. Or if you are looking for the most simplified version of everything, you can click here for my top dating site recommendations. 


Elite Singles is a platform for successful single professionals to meet up with other successful single professionals. The website claims to have a high success rate, an intelligent matching system, and a high caliber of users.

Payment Structure:  Between $30 – 80 per month

You can sign up for a “free” account. However, without upgrading, you won’t be able to see other members’ photos. In the unpaid version, Elite singles blurs out all of the photos, like naked sims. Because of this, the free version is basically unusable.

Additionally, many people have also submitted a negative review of Elite Singles. People have also reported that the site has taken advantage of them financially. Elite Singles has been known to automatically renew against peoples’ will, act a bit forceful when it comes to payments, etc.

Ease of Setting up an Account:  Hard

In order to setup your account, you must fill out pages upon pages of detailed questions about you and your preferences. Yes, this can technically be seen as a good thing. This is all a part of Elite Singles’ intelligent matchmaking process.

However, the downside is that you also MUST fill out this information. You have to fill out everything before even gaining access to the online portal. Because of this, there is a very high chance that you (and other potential matches for that matter) will be filling out these hundreds of questions in a rush, thus negatively affecting the chance of actually having accurate information on file. It is even mandatory that you answer a few profile questions during this process, which can be a bit stressful considering you haven’t even had a chance to check out the site yet.

Usability:  Medium – Easy

The structure of the site is a bit messy, and the overall vibe is a bit forced and impersonal. However, the site does function rather well, making it pretty easy to navigate.

Quality of Profiles:  Medium

The profile content is at a pretty average value. It doesn’t seem as though the users have put much time into their profiles (when compared with profiles from other online dating websites). That being said, the content is also better than a few of the other dating sites out there. I would say the overall quality is very lackluster.

Number of Members:  Low

In comparison to other dating sites, the actual number of users (especially paying users) won’t keep you too busy when it comes to having numerous interactions with different people. The website also has its own filtering process, which actually selects the matches that are right for you. This makes it a bit harder for you to connect with a wide variety of matches.

A Few Pros:

Good news! The site offers a very high level of privacy. Since other users will only be able to see your page if you are a potential match, you won’t have to worry about a large amount of strangers seeing your profile.

Elite Singles claims that over 80% of their users have a university degree.

There are actually many great people who use Elite Singles! The only problem is figuring out how to ever find them.

Additional Cons:

The gods of Elite Singles actually control the amount of matches that you actually see. And, although they may be able to match you based on your personality, there is just no way they can filter out the types of people you are actually attracted to.

Overall Rating (1 – 10):  3.5

It’s a good concept. However, the site is lacking in actual results. The site as a whole is nothing too spectacular. You will likely leave with more frustration towards the dating process than you started out with.

Do you agree with this review of Elite Singles?

Feel free to share your own experiences in the comments below! And if you are looking for more information, you can check out additional reviews here.

Happy Dating!

Review of Elite Singles

18 Comments on “Online Dating Site Review of Elite Singles”

  1. I totally agree!
    The site has been “down” for a couple of days now-no-one to actually talk to, either here is Australia or in Germany where they are based ( if you can be bothered with the time-difference regarding the office hours)!!
    It is difficult to navigate; there is definitely not a clientele of ” university holder so” as they claim, and communication with smiles is way too slow.
    I’m wondering how long it will take them to realise there’s a glitch on their site, and if they can’t deliver the service they promised, will they give a refund?
    Let’s see , but I’m not holding my breath! Lol!
    Miss K

    1. Oh man! That’s awful and I hope you get some kind of refund for that. Whenever I have to work with my clients on this platform, I always leave feeling frustrated, so I’m really glad that you shared your experience as well. Maybe it’s time for you to try a new site. Have you tried out OkCupid yet? Good luck with everything!

  2. I couldn’t agree more…..more than anything..this place is truly just a $ making web site……….I wrote to customer service for example…. to try and find out….what the numeric criteria was for a match…..some matches at 79 , 84 , some at 185……they could NOT tell me what the criteria was and i finally figured out there is no *science* to it…it is based on only the descriptive words selected in your profile vs anothers…..its a joke a scam…not worth a dime…..half the people on there *arent* and the match drivers like distance etc….are non existent…..

    1. Wow, I’m so sorry to hear that! I have a hunch that it’s not based on science either. Have you tried OkCupid yet? It might be a better choice!

  3. This is the worst dating site I have ever come across. Half of the people are not paying customers, so they don’t have pictures, or lack basic descriptive words. I came across a scammer, it took customer service 5 days to take down his profile. Snappy customer service lady on top of this!
    The other problem is the way they match you up. You have no way whats ever to search yourself. They present you matches, take it or leave it. Seems the site has been down for days now. This has nothing to do with “elite dating”.

    1. Yeah, it might be time to move on from ES! This sounds like such a frustrating experience, but the good news is that there are definitely better dating sites out there. I hope you didn’t lose too much time and money on this one!

  4. I agree. I have a so frustrating experience with ES. They auto renewed my membership without noticing me. I contact them immediately, but they are not giving me any refund in any way.

  5. Not sure if this is the new name for the old scam Va Singles who took $8k from a friend of mine and never delivered a single match. She was promised 20 for that rate of pay. They were a very tough sell. Then they moved offices and refused to return phone calls. Va Attorney General has lots of complaints. Buyer Beware of dating scams like Va Singles and whatever they are calling themselves now–maybe Elite Singles.

  6. I have now received 2 security risk warnings out of 3 recent guys that contacted me. Bad bad odds, please don’t tell me you can decipher or even determine who is or is not “Elite”.
    That’s just plain scary!

  7. BEWARE: This company has at least three successful court orders against it. Elite Singles has not paid its court-ordered penalty to these former clients and hides behind at least two different email addresses and umpteen street addresses all over Canada. Also owns Lifemates… which, no surprise… seems to have disappeared

  8. Hi, as an older single, I felt I had to comment on how disappointing I found elite singles. The profiles that were sent to be bore no resemblance to the parameters I had set on my filters, and many of the profiles I was sent were at best shoddy without photos and at worst completely fabricated.
    I am not going to recommend them to anyone nor shall I be using again.

  9. I too have had a very bad experience with Elite Singles. There have hardly been any hits and the ones I do get typically don’t have pictures and when I request one, one is rarely ever sent. Joining ES has been such a disappointment and it was more expensive than some other sites. I shut it down after a week but was told I couldn’t get a refund so I reactivated it but it has been worthless to do so. My membership runs through Oct 2018 and it was a big waste of money.

  10. This dating site is not worth the money. I wasn’t matched with to many people in my education level. I would receive pictures of men on oxygen, cigarette hanging out of the mouth. I stated I didn’t want a smoker. I would have 20 matches out of those matches there were more with no pictures that with pictures. When given the city that the person lives in, the city might be located in 2-4 other states, you never really knew what state the person lived in. Don’t waste your time and money with this site.

  11. This is the worst dating website I have used. Because:

    The matches were not compatible with my search criteria
    The mobile app freezes on my iphone
    The pictures get distorted and a professionally done photo looks worse than a low quality photo
    I have signed up for 6 months and then when I have called to change to one month, I have found out that only $89 out of $219 will be refunded to my account means that they charged me $120 for one month; what a rip-off for a website that does not work.
    The person on the phone was condescending and not helpful at all.
    The feedback email address did not work

    They have chosen a catchy domain name but nothing else is good about this website.

  12. Unethical site. Elite asks questions for a “Personality Profile” without telling clients that detailed psychological and emotional information from some psychological test will be publicly revealed. Elite reveals not just a chart, but some full pages of a psychological profile to all members THEY choose, not ones you choose. This practice can make a member vulnerable to matches wanting to prey on someone vulnerable. IF you request your Personality Profile be removed, they will not….unless you forfeit your membership fee and your account closed. There is no room for negotiation once they have your personal information and money. Elite will not advise you of the fact that psychological and emotional profiling will be released – and without your permission. If you read their contract, you won’t find this.
    The men Elite chose as my “matches” were most definitely not men I wanted my personality profile revealed to. Their very personal Psychological Profile was available in detail for me to read – and mine to them! One man’s profile stated “Possessive” right at the top! I am sure he had no idea.
    Stay away if you value your privacy and money.
    EliteSingles is a Dangerous site – please protect your privacy!

  13. Most of this people claiming to be military on dating sites are scammers. You find them on every dating sites , also on instagram. I was involved in a romance scam that I lost a lot of money to the tune $500,000 . I advice you to always insist to see your alleged lover before any financial commitment. If you have lost money to this heartless con artists you can contact They recovered about 80% of my funds traced to the con artist that scammed me. Thank me later.

  14. I am very frustrated with EliteSingles because they send me “matches” that do not match my criteria at all. I don’t know why this is so difficult with all the information one must provide. For example, if I say I’m agnostic, why on earth would you send me a minister??? Also, I list my radius at 100 miles and I get hits from guys clear across the country. It seems that in this day, it would be a simple computer match. I guess they want you to think you’re really popular, but when you view your 20 or so matches a day, about 40-50% of them have no photos (which I indicated I wanted) and the other 40% or so are way out of my mile radius. What a rip-off! Glad I only joined for 3 months!

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