57 Resources to Fill Your Calendar With More Dates Than You Can Handle

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For many, this last year was one of slight disappointment. A year devoid of great dates and meaningful connections. But this year is going to be different. This year you are going to FILL your calendar with more dates than you can handle. Why? Because the more dates you have, the closer you’ll be to finding that perfect match. But, in order to line up those dates, self improvement and assessment is going to have to take place. Here’s how you’re going to do it.  

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57 Resources to Fill Your Calendar With More Dates Than You Can Handle

1. Pick up a second language with Duolingo. Fact. Not everyone in the world speaks your language. Doesn’t it make sense to expand your realm of possibility by meeting new people through a second one?

2. Give stoicism a try. Tim Ferriss swears by it, as do many others.

3. Increase your charisma points. This book will give you a great boost in the right direction.

4. Learn how to cook. Cooking is sexy. For a fresh new take on this, check out Avant Garde Vegan’s awesome YouTube Channel.

5. Fine tune your flexibility. I’ve recommended it before, but Boho Beautiful’s yoga channel is definitely worth a mention.

6. Tackle your self improvement journey with the help of Improvement Pill.

7. Get some new pictures taken for your online dating profile. Maybe Hey Saturday is in your area for that! They are expanding, and fast. And if they aren’t near you, check out my list of favored photographers to find someone in your area.

8. And of course, consider giving your profile a professional makeover while you’re at it!

9. Clear your mind and meditate with the help of Headspace.

10. Consider doing away with your Facebook newsfeed. Put this time into bettering yourself instead.

11. Clear your space in preparation for any future “guests” who may spontaneously spend the night.

12. Get in shape with Freeletics in the comfort of your own home.

13. Use and install Grammarly and start improving the way you communicate.

14. Master the art of storytelling in order to turn any mundane date into a good time.

15. Let go of “game playing”, and embrace vulnerability.

16. Learn a new skill and add it to your dating profile!

17. Focus on your happiness first with this great free course.

18. Stay up to date on current events with daily emails from The Skimm. This will help you out with dating conversation topics.

19. Take care of your clothes by folding them the KonMari way.

20. Memorize and keep a few great first date questions on hand.

21. Cleverly slip some keywords into your online dating profile.

22. Learn how to actively listen and practice with friends.

23. Book a flight. Traveling is one of the top keywords used in dating profiles, so you might as well get some travel stories under your belt.

24. Learn some fun facts with Adam Ruins Everything. These make for great conversation starters.

25. Improve your texting game with my free course.

26. Figure out how to explain what you do for a living like a pro.

27. Stop watching porn and feel the benefits come pouring in.

28. Learn to embrace your inner weirdo. Being confident in who you are (regardless of who that might be) is an insanely attractive quality.

29. Make sure you are playing the Tinder game correctly.

30. Get yourself a super slick planner. If you’re going to fill your calendar with dates, you might as well get a planner to put yourself into the right mindset.

31.  Meet some new people with the help of Meetup.com. You never know who might be in that “20s & 30s hiking” group.

32. On a similar note, join some local groups on Facebook.

33. Book some pampering appointments on Groupon. Whether it’s a facial or a manicure, choose something that gets you feeling fresh and ready to take on the world!

34. Study up on the big O. Regardless of your gender, there’s definitely a benefit in reading up on this.

35. Maybe Captain Obvious, but get an online dating profile! I personally recommend the combination of Tinder and OkCupid.

36. Host a couchsurfer. This is a great way to get yourself out there and meet people. It’s essential to keep up your social skills when on the market.

37. Learn about and practice the subtle art of conversation.

38. Get your stress and anxiety in check.

39. Don’t just stick to the mainstream dating apps. Give something niche a try, like Bristlr. This type of thinking could allow you to connect with even more like-minded people.

40. Clean up your Facebook profile and get it ready for new visitors.

41. Give clean eating and Ayurveda a go. The benefits are just limitless.

42. Focus on platonic friendships. A person with friends is more likely to land dates. You can easily use Bumble BFF for this.

43. Change up the course of your life by trying out the 365 day happiness challenge.

44. And if you’re looking for an additional challenge, try out my own, and learn how to become more dateable in 30 days!

45. Work on your emoji game and learn how to subtly flirt with this beautiful art-form.

46. And while we’re on the subject of texting, make sure you aren’t making these punctuation mistakes.

47. Do a bit of self evaluation to figure out the real reason you’re still single.

48. Understand the concept of chemistry, and learn how to influence the amount of chemistry you spark with others.

49. Stay away from these toxic new dating trends.

50. Stop taking life so seriously! Find something funny online and regularly check into that.

51. Learn how to tilt the odds in your favor with the Law of Averages. This principle alone is sure to get you more dates than you can handle.

52. Wear the right kind of clothing in your dating profile pictures.

53. Adopt a healthier diet. Recent studies have shown that vegetarians and vegans are more desirable than ever!

54. Send out way more messages this year than you did last year!

55. Lighten up! Leave that baggage at the door and remove all negativity from your dating profiles!

56. Ask for constructive criticism from dates that didn’t go well, and learn how to take it.

57. And most importantly, get motivated and pursue your own passions! There is nothing sexier than a person who is chasing goals and following their dreams.

So that’s it! It’s time to get to it. If you do end up trying any of these ideas, I’d love for you to share in the comments below! Only you can control your future, so go ahead and get to work. Start filling the year with more dates than you can handle. Maybe by the end of the year, you’ll be spending your holidays with someone amazing.

“If you don’t like something, change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. ”

― Mary Engelbreit

Happy New Year!

more dates than you can handle

6 Comments on “57 Resources to Fill Your Calendar With More Dates Than You Can Handle”

    1. So do I! It’s actually a really important one for me, as learning German helped me to connect on a deeper level with a guy that started out as my Tinder date (and ended up as my husband!).

  1. Yes to 10. Consider doing away with your Facebook newsfeed. Put this time into bettering yourself instead. I realized one day when I took a social media hiatus just how might time you can put into this that could be better used elsewhere. Great advice!

    1. Thank you! This has also completely changed the way I go about my day. I’m so glad you agree. 🙂

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