Are you awesome in person, but not so great at messaging?

Creating a great first impression through messaging is pretty much a must-have skill these days. And, this is especially essential when chatting up someone you’ve met online. The only problem is that we aren’t exactly taught these skills in school!

But with this fun and interactive 4-part course, you will work your way through text-based lessons before applying the knowledge with short and fun assignments. The lessons will cover basic, yet important skills such as when to use text speak and emojis, how to use proper punctuation, and how to avoid common grammar mistakes.

It’s my goal to help as many singles succeed as possible, and this is just one way of doing that. I don’t intend to take over your online dating account and send out messages on your behalf. My goal is to equip you with the needed tools in order for you to do this on your own!

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