How to Rock the Holidays as a Single

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The holidays are coming! And for many of us, that means the start of the most magical time of the year. But for some of us, the holidays might bring on more stress, debt, and insecurity than they do joy. Sadly, the singles of the family are often teased and relentlessly questioned about their love life (or lack thereof). And sometimes getting through the holidays as a single is just plain hard. But this year, that’s not going to be you. This year, you’re going to rock it out there.  

Here are 7 ways you can rock the holidays as a single:
1. Dress Your Best

Think about what you’re going to wear to each occasion, and start preparing for this today. If you don’t have anything that you feel like a ‘10’ in, it might be time to go shopping. Show up to the holidays in crisp, clean, and quality clothing. If you feel like a ‘10’, you’re going to act like a ‘10’, and you’re going to be treated like a ‘10’, so dress accordingly.

2. Give back

The easiest way to take the pressure off yourself during the holidays is to focus on others instead. After successfully putting smiles on others’ faces, you’ll surely notice a smile on yours as well, making any concerns of singleness irrelevant, at least for a while.

3. Contribute

No matter where your holiday events will be held, offer to cook or bake something for the occasion. If you are able to woo your family members through food, the focus will be on that, and not on the topic of when you’re going to be adding a partner to the picture.

4. Give great gifts

Dig deep this year and come up with great gift ideas that your family members will truly love. This also goes along with the theme of putting others first. If you are giving gifts that you are excited about, your excitement level during the holidays will rise substantially

5. Go on some holiday themed dates

Instead of meeting your Tinder dates at a bar, try something new. Ask them if they’d like to stroll through a holiday market or go to a cookie decorating party. Be creative and incorporate the season into your dating life. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the romantic holiday-themed dates that couples enjoy without being in a relationship at all!

5. Stay active

Keep to your regular workout routine (or create one if you don’t yet have one). This will allow you to enjoy everyone’s delicious holiday food without a care in the world. Don’t be the one who brings a salad to the holidays because of your diet. Compliment people on their cooking skills, eat the food, and enjoy yourself. This will spread the love like crazy.

7. Enjoy quality family time

Once you are in a relationship, you may find that your time often has to be shared between your partner and your family members, so there is no better time to focus on quality family time than now. The good thing about celebrating holidays as a single is that you have the ability to give your family members undivided attention, which they’re bound to appreciate.

And most importantly, remember that this is all temporary. Who knows? This could be your last time celebrating holidays as a single, so you might as well enjoy it!

So what about you? Do you enjoy the holidays more as a single or in a couple? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below. And if you’ve gotten yourself caught up in a tricky holiday dating situation, you can always make use of my mini strategy sessions for some customized advice!

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11 Comments on “How to Rock the Holidays as a Single”

    1. Yes, totally! It’s much more comfortable to shift the focus onto something else in this scenario. 😉

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! And I totally agree that people could definitely be having more fun with their Tinder dates. It’s so easy to get stuck in a funk when going to the same bar over and over again!

  1. I’ve often referred to Valentine’s Day as “Singles Awareness Day” because the focus is SO much on coupledom and singles are made to feel like they’re failing in some way. 🙁 The holidays are similar – so much focus on couples and engagements, etc. This is a great list. Thanks!

    1. Yes! Themed dates can be so magical. I still enjoy them today with my husband (who I met on Tinder)!

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