How to Date as a Nerd: 8 Hacks for Leveling Up

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These days, more and more people are self-identifying as “geeks” or “nerds”, which is something to be proud of! But unfortunately, it’s also become common for these awesome people to face the dating world with confusion, awkwardness, and sometimes extreme shyness. But the good news is that it can be insanely fun to date as a nerd! All you have to do is focus and fine tune a couple of things.  

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1.  Know your nerdy superpower

Just as there are millions of different personalities, there are millions of different types of “nerds” as well. Narrow down your passions and choose your poison. Is your nerdiness most related to video games? Or, maybe it’s more about Marvel, fantasy, science, tech, Disney, or sci-fi. Once you have identified your nerdy type, you’ll have an easier time trying to find a compatible player two. And if you are a bit unsure as to what type of nerd you are, there are tons of quizzes online to help you out with this.

2.  Learn how to cook

Listen, you don’t need to be Gordon Ramsey to line up dates. However, if you are able to cook up at least 2-3 solid recipes, you will undoubtedly be more desirable than your peers who can only heat up frozen dinners. Luckily, there are tons of niche cookbooks that can be fun for you, based on your nerdy superpower – like this awesome Official DC Super Hero one!

3.  Get social

Being a nerd is no excuse to omit social activity. In fact, this lifestyle can sometimes provide even more opportunities for social gatherings! Check out your local Meetup groups to see if there is anything that sounds fun nearby. There are often groups designed specifically for programmers, LARPing, art lovers, polyglots, techies, and more! Or, if there isn’t a good one in your area, start one up!

4.  Play Pokémon Go

According to GQ, “Pokémon Go is the new Tinder“. It’s an awesome and effortless way to meet other like-minded people in real life. Plus, if you do happen to meet a fellow player, there is no pressure to turn things romantic. If it happens, cool. If not, still cool.

5.  Turn your dating life into an RPG

RPGs can be terribly addicting. But if you could just channel that same energy into creating and mastering your own Dating RPG, think of how powerful, attractive, cool, smart, and interesting you can be! If this sounds fun to you, check out this awesome blog post for more inspiration.

6.  Never stop learning new skills

Unfortunately, it’s a common stereotype that nerdy/geeky types don’t have the best social skills. But stereotypes exist to be shattered! Get out there and start learning new skills! These social skills don’t come genetically. They must be learned! A good place to start can be this blog post on self-esteem or even this insightful book on Charisma. Soon, you’ll master the ability to date as a nerd while exuding confidence and flirtiness.

7.  Sign up for DragonFruit

Instead of always resorting to Tinder or OkCupid in the hopes of meeting someone with similar interests, expedite the process by using an app designed specifically to make it easier to date as a nerd! DragonFruit encourages the users to find their nerdy superpower, or “Geekdoms” in order to find a date who is into similar stuff. How cool is that?

8.  Own it!

Nerds are generally passionate, smart, interesting, and creative people who have a lot to offer. So use your nerdiness to your advantage! Let your passions show. Share them with your dates. Don’t be ashamed of who you are. And most importantly, own it! If you learn to do that, everything else will fall into place.

Those are of course just a few of the many things that are good to have in place in order to successfully date as a nerd. For example, many people who classify themselves as “nerds” simply have problems connecting to the opposite sex, or with picking up on hidden signals. If you are in need of some extra help in this department, feel free to make use of my dating strategy sessions for some customized advice!

Do you have any tips for how to date as a nerd?

Or do you plan on trying out any of these ideas? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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8 Comments on “How to Date as a Nerd: 8 Hacks for Leveling Up”

  1. I LOVE this post. I will admit that I LOVE a nerd – my husband is a science nerd! These are actually great tips for anyone, nerd or not. You’ve got to get out there where people are, if you want to meet someone. AND if you meet someone out doing the things you’re interested, it’s more likely that they’ll think you’re someone that’s cool enough to get to know better because chances are they like the same things or they wouldn’t be there!

    1. Exactly! It’s so simple when you really think about it. It’s all about “doing you”! 🙂

    1. That would make an awesome date night! My husband and I have actually yet to try it, but we do go geocaching, which is kind of a nerd culture in and of itself. 🙂

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