21 Anniversary Date Ideas That You’ll Both Love

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My husband and I just celebrated our two year anniversary, which inevitably comes with a good amount of decision making. Are we going to give each other gifts? What’s our budget? Should we book a table at a fancy place? How do we come up with anniversary date ideas that we will both enjoy?

Well this year, we decided to do some activities that were special for both of us. We went out for brunch, picked up a Christmas tree, decorated the apartment for the holidays, opened a bottle of red wine, and celebrated with one of our favorite home-cooked meals – raclette! This is basically a DIY-style dinner in which a little oven sits on the table. Each person has a mini pan which they can fill with delicious ingredients and top with a special cheese. It was a simple anniversary, but it filled us with happiness. And that’s what initially inspired this post.

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21 Anniversary Date Ideas That You’ll Both Enjoy:

1.  Go out for fancy desserts and coffee.

Instead of breaking the bank on a fancy dinner, try to find the fanciest dessert spot in town. Feast on delicious sweets and hot drinks as you reminisce about the years gone by.

2.  Remember your wedding day.

Think about the parts of your wedding that were the most special to you, and try to incorporate them into your anniversary. Maybe you can order a similar cake flavor. Or you can turn on your reception playlist (if you still have it). This is a great way to completely personalize your celebration.

3.  Try a bit of role playing.

Be like Modern Family’s Claire and Phil and pretend to meet at a bar somewhere for the very first time. This gets even better if this bar just happens to be at a romantic hotel.

4.  Shop simultaneously. 

Go to a mall together and come up with a budget. Then, go your separate ways in search of presents! Establish a time and place to meet, and surprise each other with your findings. From there, you can treat each other to a nice lunch or dinner date.

5.  Go to the theatre.

Any escuse to dress up nicely is a plus in my book! Find out what type of theaters are in your area and put on your best date night outfits. This is a great way to unwind and hold hands while boosting your culture points.

6.  Create a bucket list.

Start getting excited about your future as a couple and come up with some exciting bucket list items. And once you’ve written everything down, choose one thing to complete and cross off on the day of your anniversary. This will set a tone of action and excitement for the years to come!

7.  Binge watch a show.

Choose a romantic comedy sitcom and cuddle up next to your partner. Or, watch the anniversary-themed episodes from your favorite shows. Sometimes all we need to be happy is a well-deserved break. And what better time to indulge in this than together on your anniversary?

8.  Do something crazy.

Sometimes a little wild streak can set off some sparks. Grab two sheets of paper and separately come up with 10 things that you have never done before. Then, write down 10 things that you would never do. Read them aloud and take turns crossing things off the lists until you have one last remaining item – your anniversary activity.

9.  Book a flight.

Even if you can’t get away on your actual anniversary, consider booking a trip rather than spending money on expensive gifts this year. Talk about the places you’ve always wanted to go. Or use Sky Scanner to find out where you can fly to for the least amount of money.

10.  Pamper yourselves.

Book a couples massage at a romantic nearby spa. Or, if money is tight this year, use YouTube to study up on how to give your partner the perfect rub down. Plus, if you do it at home, you can include a free “happy ending”.

11.  Get to the kitchen.

Whip up a nice meal together as a team! Include fancy appetizers, your favorite main course, and a decadent dessert. Light a candle, enjoy some wine, and keep things simple. Because sometimes the simple nights can turn into the best nights.

12.  Indulge in some fondue.

This is one of my favorite anniversary date ideas on the list, because it’s very similar to how we celebrated this year! Track down a fondue kit and have a cute and cozy night in. Set up a savory cheese course first, but don’t forget about the wine and the chocolate fondue ending!

13.  Watch some Ted Talks.

There is actually a whole subset of Ted Talks that deal with love and relationships. So pop some corn and get to watching. You just might walk away with some great tidbits of advice for the future!

14.  Recreate your first date.

Enjoy being young again and have that whole first date over again. Or try your best to recreate the way that you met. If these places don’t exist anymore, or if you’ve moved away, you can also try out idea #3 above.

15.  Do a tasting.

You can of course do a traditional wine tasting for your anniversary. Or, if you’ve already “been there, done that”, see if you can find more of a unique food or drink item that you can do a tasting of – like scotch, beer, whiskey, or cheese. Or, create your own tasting at home if you live in a small town!

16.  Take a course.

Brainstorm a few things that you both would love to learn, and see if you can find a local course or trial class. This can be anything from social dancing, to painting or learning self defense. Or if you’d rather learn from home, you can take a course online!

17.  Go camping.

If you’re lucky enough to have a summer anniversary, consider taking a sexy camping getaway with your partner. Or if roughing it isn’t really your thing, you can always give glamping a try!

18.  Catch an open mic night.

Supporting new artists can bring a great sense of happiness. Plus, you’ll probably walk away from this night with lots of things to talk about. So drink up, hold hands, and enjoy the local talent!

19.  Go for a wander.

Leave the house with no final destination in mind. Walk to and through new places and let a bit of spontaneity take over. If you see a shop you’d like to go in, do it. If a restaurant looks good, try it! And don’t let yourself google reviews before doing so. Leave this adventure entirely up to fate!

20.  Embrace tradition.

Go the traditional route and get each other gifts that reflect your year’s theme. Even if you’ve never done this in the past, there is no reason you shouldn’t have fun with the idea on random anniversaries!

21.  Do whatever you want!

Try not to let the expectations of others get in the way of you spending your anniversary exactly in the way you’d like to spend it. If flowers don’t make you happy, don’t encourage your partner to buy them for you. If you hate dressing up, don’t book a table at that fancy restaurant. And if the two of you would rather go out for hot dogs, just do it! If none of the traditional anniversary date ideas feel right to you, don’t force it.

In the end, there is no one correct way to spend your anniversary, so be creative with it. Embrace the things that make the two of you unique. But I’d also like to encourage you not to skip this holiday altogether. We only have a limited number of anniversaries in life, so make sure to celebrate them!

Do you have any unique anniversary date ideas to add to the list?

We’d love to hear about your own celebrations in the comments below. But now it’s time to get planning! Treat this day as if it were the anniversary to end all anniversaries. The most important thing is that you have fun with it all. And if you’re looking for even more relationship inspiration, you can always check out some other posts on the subject!

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