Why You’ll Never Succeed at Online Dating

There are many many elements that come into play when determining how successful you will be at online dating, but there are three killer mistakes that I see constantly! Before getting started with all of the other little details, get yourself in check and do what you can to get OUT of the following bad habits.   

The three terrible habits that are causing your online dating game to slip:

1. You’re taking the whole process too seriously.

It’s important to play around, as people will generally be able to sense when you’re stressed out/angry at the fact that you are online dating. The people who take risks and have fun with the entire process are the ones who end up landing more dates.

2. You’re getting too attached to one specific user.

Until you have met this person and they have shown a lot of interest in you, it’s better not to get too attached to anybody. I’ve seen many people get very infatuated by the idea of a specific person based on his or her profile alone, but the reality is that you can never really know who a person actually is until you meet them. And even after you meet them, try not to get too attached until at least date number three!

3. You’re forgetting to initiate a date!

This one is super killer. I’ve seen this back and forth messaging happen time and time again. If you are a guy, it’s pretty important to ask the woman out, because many would still prefer not to initiate.

And as for the women here: Although it’s still fun to be “wooed”, if the conversation is going in circles, try to branch out a bit and ask him out on a date. You just may be surprised by the outcome!

If you need some inspiration as to how to do this, check out my post on the subject! 

Good luck, and talk to you soon!



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