Why You’ll Never Succeed at Online Dating

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Are you making some bad habits?

Many factors determine what exactly causes one to succeed at online dating. Your personality is important. Your texting skills are beyond important. You must be physically presentable. Your timing has to be good. There must be that “spark”. However, I have seen three killer mistakes time and time again! These mistakes are beyond detrimental to your success. Get yourself in check. Take a deep breath. Most of all, get OUT of the following bad habits.   

Succeed at Online Dating by Breaking These Three Habits:
1. You’re taking the whole process too seriously.

Play around. Light-heartedness is important. People can sense when you’re stressed out. Additionally, your date will immediately know if you are angry at the fact that you are online dating. If you need extra help in this department, try meditating. Sing more in the shower. Dance around your apartment. Drink wine before messaging. Bring your friends into the process. Take risks and have fun with the entire process. Only then will you start landing more dates.

2. You’re getting too attached to one specific user.

Don’t get attached until you have met. I’ve seen many people get very infatuated by the idea of someone based on his or her profile alone. But this is mentally debilitating. You don’t even know this person yet. And, even after you meet them once, you still won’t even know them very well. Don’t get too attached until date number three!

3. You’re forgetting to initiate a date!

This one is super killer. I’ve seen this back and forth messaging time and time again. If you are a guy, ask the woman out. Don’t wait until message 100 and wonder why she hasn’t suggested a meeting. Many women still prefer not to initiate. Do you have a fear of rejection? Many people do. However, that’s unfortunately inevitable. However, for a confidence boost, watch this video on the Law of Averages.

If you are a woman, branch out a bit. Ask him out for once. What’s the worst that can happen? The outcome may surprise you. For inspiration on how to do this, check out my post on the subject! 

In conclusion, get yourself out of the above habits. Develop some new and healthy ones instead. You will then greatly improve your chances to succeed at online dating. I guarantee it. Loosen up. Don’t get attached to digital personas. And, initiate that date!

Good luck and have fun.

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