Who Really Uses Tinder?

Who Really Uses Tinder?

After your third dud of a date this week, you may be asking yourself this exact question more often than you care to admit.

So, would you like the good news or the bad news first?   

Bad news? Great!

Then let’s rip off the Band Aid.

Statistics show that 42% of Tinder users in 2016  weren’t even single!

And what do those same statistics say the rest of the users were looking for?

20% of the people who used Tinder – were looking for a hookup

27% of the people – were looking for a significant other

53% – were just looking for new friends

Okay, so based on these findings, I created a handy pie chart. You can either choose to look at this with a “glass half full” mentality or you can deem it to be “half empty”. I’m choosing to look at this all with optimism and say that the 42% of “non-single” users overlaps with the 53% of users who are just looking for friends.


I’m not sure if you found this helpful or disconcerting. Maybe I should share a few pieces of actual good news.

  • There are an estimated 50 million Tinder users. So, every time you panic and wonder why you have stooped to online dating, just remember: Online dating is now the norm.
  • 27% of people say that they are actually looking for a serious relationship! Despite popular belief, this is not an app that is just for hookups.
  • Tinder allows us to connect with people we may have never met in our wildest dreams. Online dating is something that we should all actually be crazy thankful for.
  • And, do you want to know the real answer to the question, “Who really uses Tinder?” People! People use Tinder. These are real people with real hopes, dreams, and aspirations. These are people who want to find a partner. People with good hearts. People with stories to tell. People who are lonely. People who get sad. So next time you treat your latest match like a slab of meat, just remember. There is a person behind that screen.

But the best good news and hope for the future that I can offer you all today?

I was lucky enough to find and marry my best friend. We’ve traveled the world together, built a life together, and basically grown inseparable. And just how did I do that?

Well. Take a wild guess. 🙂



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