How to Date as a Short Guy – 7 Tips and Tricks

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On the short side?

Entering the dating scene as a short guy can definitely be seen as a challenging task. With so many of Tinder’s users including their height at the bottom of their profile, you may be feeling a bit intimidated. But don’t let that bring you down! Here are a few helpful ideas on how to date as a short guy.   

How to Date as a Short Guy 
  1. Don’t list your height on your dating profile unless specifically asked for it.

    On sites like OkCupid, you should list your height, as this is a basic part of the requirements. However, with apps like Tinder, leave it out. Taller girls will most likely be looking for guys who have specifically stated their height anyways.

  2. Correct your posture.

    If you are already average or below average height, slouching will just worsen the problem. But on the contrary, standing tall can easily add 1-2 inches to your height. So check out some YouTube videos, do some yoga, and start standing tall!

  3. Speak with confidence.

    Speaking with a low voice and low energy will do nothing but make you appear smaller. However, if you fill the air around you with a full and positive spirit, you will easily make yourself appear bigger and stronger, sometimes even making people completely oblivious to your height in doing so. For more on how to improve your self-esteem, make sure to check out this article on the subject.

  4. Laugh it off.

    If your height is ever brought up in conversation, do not take offense. Chuckle, agree, and move on with the conversation. This will be seen as crazy attractive. For more on how to take an insult, make sure to check out this awesome video from Improvement Pill.

  5. Get involved with something you are passionate about.

    By finding a hobby that excites you, you will have no time to dwell on the fact that you aren’t as tall as some of the other guys. This hobby will intensify your attraction level by 10, and it will make you happier in the process. It’s a win-win situation.

  6. Assess your strengths

    Alright, so you have already assessed the fact that some guys can offer something you can’t – height. However, have you also done the opposite? What can you offer that other guys can’t? Maybe you are crazy smart. Maybe you have sparkling blue eyes or an amazing family. Lock into those one or two things and hold onto them. After all, I can guarantee that at this very moment, there are tall guys out there who are struggling with problems that you may be lucky enough not to have.

  7. Shrug it off.

    Don’t worry about any of this too much. Yes, you won’t attract certain women in the process, but are these really women you could imagine yourself being with anyways? As cheesy as it is, just “do you” and the good matches will come.

The bottom line?

Stand tall. Act confident. Laugh in the face of adversity. Feed your strengths. Pursue the things you love. And as a result, you will find yourself forgetting all about this minor inconvenience. So now’s the part where you stop worrying about how to date as a short guy, and start learning how to enjoy the ride as an awesome guy.

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how to date as a short guy


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