How to be Sexy – 10 Ways to Up Your Game

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It’s no secret that most of us want to be sexy. We want to feel sexy when going on a first date. We want to feel sexy when going to sleep next to our partner of 10 years. But sometimes, we lose our touch. The good news? There are plenty of ways that you can increase your aura of sexiness, regardless of gender or relationship status. Keep reading below for 10 actionable ideas of how to be sexy!  

How to Be Sexy – 10 Tips and Tricks

1. Smell good

And I mean really good. Make sure you are always on top of your game hygiene-wise. This includes showering, brushing, flossing, using a tongue cleaner, cleaning your ears, wearing fresh clothes, and trimming your nails. Then, and only then, should you apply a very light spray of your signature perfume or cologne. Speaking of that, make sure to test the waters with your signature scent. If it seems to drive your romantic interest crazy (in a good way) then it’s probably a good fit. If they never say anything, or seem to be sniffing/itching their nose a bit when they lean in close to you, you might want to reconsider.

2. Fall in love with an active hobby

The obvious benefit of this point is the acquisition of a better body. However, there is something else that goes much deeper in terms of the sexiness this generates. By having an active hobby that you are beyond passionate about, you will be creating something that is almost like a second love in your life. And, by regularly pursuing this love, it even acts as a slight competition to your partner (if done in moderation), which can be incredibly sexy.

3. Re-evaluate your clothing choices

If you aren’t really the type of person who regularly spends money on clothes, that is definitely a great thing for your wallet! However, once in a while, a closet update can actually be a good thing. Go through your current items and get rid of/replace everything that is damaged, faded, or not the right size. These little things can potentially send a big message about who you are in the bedroom. For additional inspiration, you can also consider browsing Pinterest!

4. Stop giving so many f***s

Especially when it comes to how you look. After you have put on your nice clothes, taken care of your hygiene, done your hair, put on makeup/cologne/perfume, etc., give everything one last check in the mirror and LEAVE IT. The more you worry about how to be sexy, the less sexy you will actually be. And hey, there’s actually a fun book on this very topic!

5. Be full of surprises

To a certain extent, the element of surprise is very sexy. This is especially important to remember later on in a relationship. When it comes to romance and sexual desire, humans generally tend to like being kept on their toes. This element of surprise can be through anything – learning a new language, signing up for a dance class, trying a new hairstyle – be creative with it!

6. Be nice to others

The way you talk about others has a lot to do with how attractive and sexy you will be perceived to be. If you have ugly thoughts about other people, which inevitably turn into ugly words, this ugliness will soon manifest in your physical features. So be nice.

7. Spend time with other people

No matter the stage in the relationship, it’s very important to have at least a few other people in your life. Whether you have close family members, neighbors, or friends, it doesn’t matter. As long as you aren’t placing all of your social needs onto your partner’s lap, you will be keeping the desire alive!

8. Identify your insecurities

Start by identifying one of your biggest insecurities, and create an action plan of how you can tackle it little by little. Maybe this is your weight, or a lack of self-esteem. Or maybe it’s your discomfort in social situations. No matter the issue, there is just about always a solution. Focus on the things you can do today in order to get one step closer to being the person you want to be.

9. Slow down

If you are a naturally fast talker and mover, consciously slow everything down a bit. Think of all of the sexy scenes you have seen in movies. How was the flirting beforehand? How was the scene leading up to the action? It was probably full of slow breathing and slow sexual tension. Make sure to allow sexual tension to live in your interactions by taking a moment to slow yourself down.

10. Take risks

If you are in a rut, wake yourself up! Do some things that you don’t normally do. Have a glass of wine on a Wednesday night. Sign up for a scuba diving course. Start exciting yourself, and in turn you will be sure to excite others in the process.

Although this is not a comprehensive list on how to be sexy, it is definitely a great place to start. My challenge to you? Pick three things on the list and try them out this week!

And now I’m curious – what makes you feel sexy? Is there anything we should add to the list? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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4 Comments on “How to be Sexy – 10 Ways to Up Your Game”

  1. Another one I would add is “be yourself”. Other people can tell if you’re trying hard to be someone you’re not, and it shows when someone feels confident and natural. This ties into the “Stop giving a f***” tip, because the right person will think you’re sexy, even with your chubby belly or weird laugh.

    1. Haha, yes! It is super important to be yourself. If you are able to feel confident about who you are, it can definitely up your sexiness level by a whole lot. Thanks for sharing!

  2. #4 is such a great tip- if you stop caring what other people think and just being yourself you will attract someone who really likes you for who you really are. Also, when you try to hard – you can tell and that isn’t sexy either.

    1. You got it! It makes me sad to see people trying hard to conform into what they think others will find to be attractive. But in the end, confidence (in moderation of course) is the secret ingredient that will cause you to be magnetic!

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