5 Grammatical Errors You’re Making in Your Online Dating Profile

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Is Your Grammar On-Point?

Time and time again, when women are asked what turns them off from a guy’s online dating profile, “Bad grammar” comes up as one of the top answers. The funny thing is that women tend to have just as many grammatical errors in their own profiles. However, according to surveys, guys just don’t seem to care as much. So this post is more for the guys.   

5 Grammatical Errors You’re Making in Your Online Dating Profile:
Grammar Mistake #1: i

This is going to be the easiest new thing that you learn today. Here is the rule:

  1. If you EVER use the words I, I’m, I’ll, or I’ve, the “I” should always be capitalized. I know you can remember that. 
Grammar Mistake #2: You’re vs Your

Now, this mistake can (of course) happen by accident on occasion. Admittedly, I’ve even caught myself using the wrong word. However, if you are completely unsure of when to use which, here is a quick and easy guide:

  1. you’re = you are (You’re very funny.)
  2. your = possessive (Is that your dog in the photo?)
Grammar Mistake #3: lol / how r u / wat u up 2

Chances are high that if you use any of the above “expressions”, your conversation will quickly go downhill afterwards. So, here are a few examples of how not to use these, along with some replacement sentences that you can use instead!

  1. Do u always go bed this early lol // Do you always go to bed this early? Haha. 
  2. hi how r u // Hey you. How are you doing on this fine Tuesday evening?
  3. wat r u up 2? wanna go out tonite? yolo lol // Do you happen to have any plans tonight? Maybe we can hit up that bar you were talking about. You only live once, right? 😉

Furthermore, if you are asking a question, end it with a question mark. Isn’t that a grand idea?

Grammar Mistake #4: They’re / Their / There

Easy one:

  1. they’re = they are (Have you seen those movies? They’re SO good!)
  2. their = possessive (That’s not their table!)
  3. There = location (I’ll meet you there.)
Grammar Mistake #5: 

Oh for the love of Cupid, please use three dots when you are using ellipses. Don’t let this be your profile:

I’m a driven, easygoing guy………… love hiking and sk8ting.. and snowboarding 2

What a mess! Now take a look at this way of saying the same thing:

I’m a driven, social, and easygoing guy … sometimes too easygoing. I love hiking, skating, and going snowboarding. 

In conclusion, I have just written about five of the many many HUGE grammatical errors that repeatedly show up in online dating profiles. If you even just improve one or two of the above points, you will already be way ahead of the other guys!

Finally, I have one last suggestion. Before you hit that submit/update/send button, reread what you wrote. Check for typos and read your words out loud. Take it slow. And, when you’re ready to up your profile another notch, make sure to check out this blog post on the subject


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One Comment on “5 Grammatical Errors You’re Making in Your Online Dating Profile”

  1. The way people write can in a way show a person’s personality (or at least part of it). It’s surprising that although we learned these very simple grammatical rules in school, adults are still capable of making such mistakes.

    I personally don’t care for the occasional typo, but if you aren’t willing to least put in the effort to make your writing legible, I understand how it really is a turn off.

    I would definitely do my best to type well though. Even if the person I’m talking to isn’t a potential partner. It just makes communicating easier.

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