Online Dating: My Story and Your Path to Success

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Hello lovelies!

I’m guessing that you are here because of your insatiable curiosity about the world of online dating. Well, so am I. I spend my days in continuous research on how to succeed as a temporary single. This blog is simply going to be my way of extending that research while sharing my findings with all of you!   

Whether you have been single for a while, or have just recently entered into “singledom”, you’ll definitely find enough resources here to help you step up your game. In the weeks to come, you can expect to find anything from detailed tutorials, to messaging advice, and motivational success stories.  Additionally, I’ll be rolling out regular dating site reviews in order to assist you in choosing which site is best for you.

And who am I?

Well that’s a long story. But here’s the condensed version:

I’m originally from California. Lived there until my mid-twenties. Worked as a wedding planner. Got my AA degree. Moved to New York City. Worked at a preschool. Wrote a book. Got a B.A. degree in theatre. Signed up for online dating. Helped friends with their online dating profiles. Began tackling the New York dating scene…

Took a solo trip to Europe. Moved to Spain. Got my TEFL certification. Became an English teacher. Went on a Tinder date with the sweetest and hottest guy I had ever met in my life. Became the girlfriend of the guy from Tinder. Moved to Hong Kong with said boyfriend. Fell in love. Moved to Germany, and then to the Netherlands. Started my business as an online dating consultant. Married bae. Moved back to Germany. Helped over 700 singles improve their online dating profiles. And, here I am!

Basically, I have gone through online dating and the process of falling in love.

I have dealt with the unbelievably complicated emotions that go along with it. To this day, I still credit the success of this relationship to vulnerability. This amazing Ted Talk by Brené Brown changed my entire outlook on the dating process.

Needless to say, I now apply these same values to what I do as a dating consultant. I encourage and guide people to access and display their vulnerable, true, and quirky selves – both online and offline.

In the same way that I listen to each client during personal coaching and training, I listen here. Please feel free to connect at any time, whether it’s through commenting on blog posts or personally contacting me through the form on the contact page. In order to maintain the best possible experience for everyone, public comments will be moderated in order to keep conversations friendly and free of inappropriate responses.

There are a lot of fun things in store for this blog and community, so I hope you continue to check in and connect!

So, to get started, I would really love to know the following:

What are your burning questions about online dating? What would you love to get help with?

If you have a question, please post it in the comments. This way, I’ll have a bit of guidance for future blog posts!



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