dating strategy sessionsDating Strategy Sessions

If you have opened an online dating account and hired me to write an awesome profile for you, you’re already off to a great start! However, you will surely face so many other areas of confusion and curiosity throughout the dating process. It’s kind of inevitable. Dating can be weird. But don’t worry! The next time you find yourself in a confusing situation, help is just a couple of clicks away. We can always have a couple of quick dating strategy sessions to get you back on track.

Each session will cover one of the topics or situations below. So, here are a few examples of how you can use this service:

  • You’d like me to look over/give advice on how to proceed with a digital conversation that you’ve been having.
  • You have ended up in a problematic dating situation and are in need of a second opinion.
  • You found a profile of someone you’d like to say ‘hi’ to and would like help with a customized opening message.
  • You’d like me to look over one of your messages in order to get some advice on grammar, spelling, and proper texting etiquette.
  • You simply have a burning question about dating.

These quick sessions are easy, confidential, and entirely text-based.

$25 per strategy session

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