Broke and Single – 10 Tips for Dating with Empty Pockets

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Dating can be incredibly expensive. And sometimes almost impossible if you are broke AND single. The biggest problem with ‘first date’ expenses is that you have no idea if you will see these people ever again. If you are a guy, the problem is doubled. The topic of “who pays” is a complicated one that ends up costing the men more money in the end. So, ready to cut your costs in half on your future first dates?  

10 Helpful Tips for the Broke and Single:

1. If you both have dogs, meet up for a quick walk or trip to the dog park.

Suggest filling up your travel mugs with coffee beforehand and meeting up at a specific point. Walk through the park. Drink your homemade coffees. Share stories. And then, say your goodbyes. Short and sweet!

2. Meet up for a wine and cheese picnic (at a very public park).

Assign one of you to bring a bottle of wine and the other to bring some cheese. The cost of wine from the supermarket is way less than if you met up at a wine bar.

3. Stop ordering fancy coffees, and start ordering regular coffee.

This will cut your costs down by way more than half. And, people often mimic what other people buy – meaning that your date might just order a regular coffee too, instead of an expensive Frappuccino.

4. Eat a little snack beforehand.

If you are meeting up for food, make sure not to arrive starving. This will accomplish two things – 1. Your mind won’t be so distracted by hunger that you forget to focus on your date. 2. It will save you a bit of money as well. If you aren’t starving, you’ll probably order something much more modest than if you didn’t have a snack beforehand. And, the mimicking rule applies here too. Your date might similarly order something small.

5. Skip the food dates altogether. 

At least until date two or three.

6. Do some research on the free events around town.

With all of the resources available online, you’ll be sure to find something fun to do! My personal favorite website for free and cheap things to do (although location specific) is The Skint, for NYC.

7. Try to time your bar dates during happy hour.

Self explanatory.

8. Make sure to look into bar specials. 

If you both plan on drinking a lot, it could be cheaper to order a pitcher of beer or a carafe of wine.

9. Check out the menu beforehand.

This will allow you to set up a game plan for yourself. This way, you won’t have to stress out about finding the cheapest thing on the menu while you’re on the date.

10. Make a ‘one drink rule’ for yourself (at least for first dates).

Arrange to meet up a bit later in the evening and tell her in advance that you have time to meet up for one drink. This will ease the pressure of having to order multiple drinks. That being said, if the date is going really well, you could always break your rule, just that once. 😉

In the end, if you are broke and single, these are all just very small ways to spend less. However, if you are going on multiple first dates, these tips will allow you to cut down your overall monthly dating budget by at least half.

What about you? Do you have any cost-saving tips for dating with empty pockets? I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that we would love to hear about them in the comments below! Also, one bonus tip – if money is too tight to splurge on a full profile rewrite, you can always check out these DIY Profile Packs in my new shop!

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2 Comments on “Broke and Single – 10 Tips for Dating with Empty Pockets”

  1. I love the idea of eating a snack beforehand (or maybe doing a picnic together?). I feel like saving money by implementing some of these ideas early in the relationship would be a good idea, then as you become more invested in the relationship, invest more money in your dates too! Thanks for sharing these ideas! Love these kinds of lists.

    1. A picnic is always a cute idea! Just make sure to do it in a very public area if it’s for a first date. 🙂

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