7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Self-Esteem

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Not feeling so great?

At some point during the dating process, you will most likely go through a bout of low self-esteem. And although this is totally normal, it can also be incredibly debilitating. It’s hard to deny that we live in world in which appearance is increasingly more and more important. Although it would be a much better world if we could just start judging people by what’s inside rather than what’s outside, the truth is that we somehow need to adjust to reality. Appearances do matter, to some extent. Luckily, there are dozens of tips and tricks that you can make use of to increase your self-esteem.   Read More

7 Game-Changing Dating Apps You Should Definitely Know About!

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Re-downloading the Tinder app?

That’s often people’s first move when re-entering the dating scene. However, there are also so many new game-changing dating apps that are going completely unnoticed by users like you! And, each of these apps has a specifically targeted user base. That means that one of these newer apps may even be better for you as an individual.   Read More

Let’s Change the Way We Look at Dating

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Are you playing dating as if it were a game to win?

This topic of “playing the game” has been revisited again and again, starting with the original ever-so-popular book, The RulesEven today, online dating agencies, profile writers, and yes, even the set-up of many online dating sites, are still catering to the idea that we need to play the dating game as if it were Monopoly. But it’s becoming time to change the way we look at dating.   Read More

5 Grammatical Errors You’re Making in Your Online Dating Profile

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Is Your Grammar On-Point?

Time and time again, when women are asked what turns them off from a guy’s online dating profile, “Bad grammar” comes up as one of the top answers. The funny thing is that women tend to have just as many grammatical errors in their own profiles. However, according to surveys, guys just don’t seem to care as much. So this post is more for the guys.   Read More

Why You’ll Never Succeed at Online Dating

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Are you making some bad habits?

Many factors determine what exactly causes one to succeed at online dating. Your personality is important. Your texting skills are beyond important. You must be physically presentable. Your timing has to be good. There must be that “spark”. However, I have seen three killer mistakes time and time again! These mistakes are beyond detrimental to your success. Get yourself in check. Take a deep breath. Most of all, get OUT of the following bad habits.   Read More

Which Online Dating Site is Best for Me?

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Can’t Decide Which Site to Use?

You aren’t alone. This is a question that crosses everyone’s mind when they first decide to embark on the journey that is online dating! Yes, there has been extensive research done on which online dating site is best. But the answer to this is also dependent on multiple factors.   Read More

How to Write a Great Online Dating Profile (Part 1)

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Writing Your Dating Profile?

A lot of effort goes into making a great online dating profile. It should be witty, charming, elegant, unique, and most importantly, personal. But don’t let that overwhelm you! Today I’m going to help you transition your dating profile into something that is actually presentable.   Read More

How to Calculate Your Ideal Online Dating Age Range

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What’s Your Currently Listed Age Range? 

With over 600 online dating profiles under my belt, I’ve noticed some commonly made mistakes that are definitely preventing people from finding the right match. Let’s talk about what should be your ideal online dating age range first (the setting that’s found in most dating profiles).   Read More