27 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2018!

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Running out of time?

As much as it may be your intention to have a wildly romantic Valentine’s Day filled with gifts and surprises that your partner will love, sometimes life just gets in the way. The big day is approaching, and it’s starting to become a bit too late to order from some websites, so here are some great last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas that your partner will go crazy for!   

27 awesome last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas for 2018:

For the eco-conscious:

last-minute Valentine's Day gift ideas

1. Rather than buying flowers, opt for a nice house plant! Here is a helpful list of ones that make for particularly thoughtful gifts. ($)

2. Pick up a French Press Coffee Maker so that your partner can make all of the coffee with none of the waste! ($ – $$)

3. Sign them up for a one-month subscription for Rent the Runway – Make sure to use the Code (FIRSTRTR) if you’re a first time buyer! ($$)

For the curious:

4. Go for the Try the World gift box subscription for the foodie interested in international cuisine. ($$)

5. Browse IfOnly and book a one-of-a-kind experience for the two of you. Or, for some cheaper “experiences”, check out my post on great winter date ideas! ($$ – $$$)

6. Check your local bookstore for Things Come Apart, by Todd McLellan – a book showing the inner workings of things like pianos and SLRs. ($$)

For the adventure enthusiast:

7. Sign the two of you up for a local Escape Room! ($$)

8. Do a tasting together! But this time go for mead, beer, Bourbon or fermented fruit alcohol instead of wine. Check out Groupon for some awesome local deals! ($ – $$)

9. And while you’re on Groupon, see if there are any deals for adventures such as rock climbing, sailing, or scuba diving! ($$)

For the habitually stressed:

10. Keep them calm with a subscription to Headspace. ($ – $$)

11. Snag a Rose Quartz Care Kit (to help them evoke feelings of love and healing). And if you are opting for this one as a super last-minute Valentine’s Day gift idea, buy a couple of roses and attach a note explaining that it’s coming! ($$)

12. Wrap up an Aromatherapy kit – available at major stores and on Amazon Prime! ($ – $$)

For the techie:

13. Pick up a screen protector and/or phone cover. Sometimes our phones just need a little pick me up. ($)

14. Or find a powerful portable speaker that fits your budget and style preference. ($ – $$$)

15. If you are in the mood for spoiling your partner, the Kindle Oasis will do just fine (available with Amazon Prime)! ($$$)

For the new relationship:

16. Keep it simple and order flowers from a site like Bouqs or Bloom That. ($)

17. If you’re still in that “never leaving the bedroom” phase, pick out some sexy underwear – you can both benefit from this one! ($)

18. Pick up a bottle of their favorite wine or liquor – or a mini cocktail kit like this. ($ – $$)

For the hopeless romantic:

19. Check your local bookshop for Love Poems, by Pablo Neruda (and bookmark the poem that most reminds you of your relationship). ($)

20. Snag tickets to a live performance at your local theatre (bonus points for getting all dressed up beforehand). ($$)

21. Prepare a sexy DIY cooking class at home! Try out this awesome channel by Avant Garde Vegan, dim the lights and get cooking! ($)

For the one who is always cold:

22. Order this super cozy *faux* fur blanket (available with Amazon Prime)! ($$)

23. Or try out these thermal/insulated socks for men and women (also available with Amazon Prime)! ($)

24. If you’re on a budget, take a look at this easy step-by-step guide and put together a homemade hot chocolate mix. Then enjoy it with a good movie and some cozy blankets. ($)

For the relationship that’s on the rocks:

25. Find a local “rage room” and book a time slot or the two of you. Smash stuff. Release tension. And follow it up with a long talk at a cozy cafe. ($$)

26. Alternatively, book a couple’s massage and follow it up with a bit of partner yoga. ($$ – $$$)

27. Try out these Couple’s Kindle Cards and boost your relationship with fun and creative weekly action steps (available with Amazon Prime)! ($$)

So what did you decide? Are you going for one of the ideas above or has something totally different come to mind? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Happy *almost* Valentine’s Day!

Until next time,

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  1. These are such great ideas. I love that you gave some “out of the box” options! I am totally checking out the cooking class site! Thanks!

  2. I ordered #27, even though my marriage isn’t “on the rocks”, I like the idea of a weekly fun assignment to bring back romance! ❤❤❤ Thank you, Stacy, for all of the unique suggestions!!

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